11 November 2019

Don Jr book signing

Donald Trump Jr. was nearby to sign his book at a local costco.  The SCQueen & a sister escorted the SCMIL (mother in law) to get a signed book.  It's fall here in the desert but temps are still on the upper side of the 80's and that sun is brutal as ever.

The SandCastle Queen reports the line was extremely deferential to the SCMIL and kept pushing her forward in the line to keep her out of the sun.   At one point the SCQueen told her mom, stand here and I'll go get our chairs.  Another person in line wouldn't hear of it and said "No, you will sit here (his chair)" while you wait!

In short order Costco employees noticed the white hair and escorted her inside to wait in the AC.  The SCQueen waited outside and offered to take charge of the other guy's chairs while he went through the line to get a book.  He said "eh, they're only $20 chairs.  If they are not here when we emerge, no big deal"

He was surprised to find the SCQueen with his chairs!

They met a lot of good people in the line!  And good on all those that took care to see a 90+YO didn't spend too much time in the sun.  And the SCMIL got a signed book ;-)

03 November 2019

Last shot of the day

Yea... an out of battery discharge.

I knew sumthin wasn't right upon firing the shot.  Clearly the forward half of the case was supported by the chamber while the aft half wasn't.   Probably lucky for me, it blew down where I only suffered superficial wounds,  Even if it had gone up instead of down, I wore full Z87 rated safety glasses. so I'd probably mostly be ok..

The rifle is a 9mm AR-15 carbine, because I received a Midway USA offer on a 9mm upper I could not refuse (Thanks Larry!).

I'm frankly surprised it would send the firing pin forward this far out of battery.  I seem to recall a similar situation with an .223 AR-15 where it would not fire if the bolt wasn't locked up.

This particular rifle seems to be of "blowback" design.  Which given the loads I use (7.1 gr AA #7), ample powder ends up back in the shooters face and into the action.

It also seemed to foul the action.    Time to clean the rifle and try again..  But maybe with leather gloves ;-)

07 October 2019

What are the odds...

.. This guy has/had a legally owned gun?


Who thinks "respond with a gun" is a reasonable response to "too much noise in the upstairs apartment?

I had a couple downstairs apartments during my college years.  Frequently the upstairs noise was enough to "disrupt" us downstairs.  Most times we accepted it as "price of living downstairs".  Though I will admit to serenading an apparently amorous couple with a bad rendition* of "Black Dog" after being woke up at "way-too-dark-thirty" for their quickie.

But firearms never entered even in to the thought of the equation.

Deeper research suggests the shooter was hit by a ricochet, but it doesn't stop the "serves you right" "payback's a bitch" angle to the story.

* I have an electric guitar, but I try not to inflict my playing upon others.  There have been special exceptions.

Guns are never a solution to noise complaints!

20 September 2019

$dayJob team jersey day

$dayJob Activity club invited all employees to wear their favorite team jerseys this Friday.

Now if you've noticed the "about me", I'm not a big fan of "ball sports".  So the smartA in me selected this T:

It's kinda hard to read in the photo so let me summarize.  These are the equations that describe orbital mechanics:
    G x mx M/R = mx Vesc^2 or Vesc = SQRT[2x GM/R]
    V2 = Vp = r1 x v1 x sin phi1/Rp
    Ra^2 x v1^2 x sin phi1/Rp^s-vt^2 = 2 x GM x (1 /Rp-1/r1)
    e = SQRT(r1 x v1^2/GM-1)^2 x sin^2(phi1) + cos^2(phi1)
    tan(theta) = (r1 x V1^2) x sin (phi1) x cos(phi1) / ((r1 x v12^2/GM) x sin^2 (phi1)-1)
    Fd = Cd x p x (v^2/2) x A
    Nm = v/c
    c = SQRT(k x R x T)
    F = q x Ve + (Pe - Pa) x Ae
    p = m x v
    F = dp / dt

I really like the equations explaining "This *is* Rocket Science!"

And the back of the shirt explains the equations on the front:

The other shirt I really like is one the SCSon picked up.  It's the old NASA logo with the tag line "Not Flat, we checked".  Nicely done guys!

Yea, I'm a nerd, and proudly so!  Go team NASA!

11 August 2019

"The Hunt"....

... is not a new movie.  The movie may be new but the plot almost certainly isn't:
in 1993 we had "Hard Target" with Jean-Claude Van Damme,
and in 1994 we saw "Surviving the Game" starring Ice-T, Rutger Hauer, Charles S Dutton and Nick Nolte and more.

Spoiler alert, here's the plot:
1.  Bad guys "entice" good guy into their game.
2.  Too late to back out, the good guy is informed they are the prey and given a head start.
3.  Good guy picks off the bad guys one by one until only the leader remains.
4.  Good guy tricks head bad guy into offing himself in an amusing/ironic way.
5.  Roll credits.

"The Hunt" trailer suggests this well worn plot, but with minor tweaks and political labels attached to the "good-guys" and "bad-guys".


17 July 2019

Amusing observation

The SCSon had a short work day today (only ~4 hours).  It was early so he headed across the street to our friendly local indoor range.

There he found a drool-worthy rifle and asked "can I buy this?"  They asked his age (20YO) and said yes, they could sell it to him.

But then he asked but will you rent me a lane on the range to shoot it (pushing the incongruity)?  "Um no."

His point and they acknowledged "Yes, at your age I can sell you a rifle, but our policy is to not rent a lane to people under 21".

I have a.. I'll use the term "group membership" as their class name might unduly "doxx" them and I have no such intent.  Which means I can reserve a lane ahead of time online, but to bring him, I have to list him as a "minor" even though he is north of the age of majority.  Fair enough, their party, their rules.

15 July 2019

"Sheriff"* Joe please go away!

you are long past your "best used by date".   You should have retired long ago.  Part of the reason you no longer hold the office is people like me DON'T WANT YOU AS MY SHERIFF!"  Slink off to your hole.  I didn't vote for you nor Penzone last time around and he won.   Just go away and let a proper conservative challenger take on PP.

* is it one R and two F's or two R's and one F?  Both look wrong to me.  But then again so do Arpaio and Penzone!  Time for new blood.