09 September 2014

DGC plus three

Web wanderings today bring us another three DGC stories.

Yesterday via Fox59  via Bearing Arms: a bad guy tries the old ATM double withdrawl  (good guy withdraws cash from ATM, bad guy attempts to withdraw cash from good guy).   But talk about a poor choice of location, the ATM is across the street from IMPD West End Police HQ where officers are having roll call and hear the shots.  they came running and found one dead, one wounded.

Note the ATM is in front of a Kroger grocery store.  As BA notes, hopefully this will wake up shoppers to the need to carry a gun and why Kroger should not make itself a gun free zone.


Next from Omaha we have the story of a father at home with his 4 YO daughter.  The doorbell rang twice and before dad could get to the door, the BadGuy has kicked it in.  Fortunately Dad has his gun and shoots the intruder.

Today we learn the shooting has been ruled justified.

Good shooting Dad!

DGC: 497

And finally from WRAL in South Carolina  again via Bearing Arms:
A homeowner shot and killed a masked man early Sunday who had broken into the Timberlake home, aimed a shotgun and demanded money, authorities said.
Fortunately the good guy shot first.  It must have been a good shot as he didn't survive the helicopter trip to the trauma center and into surgery.

The remaining question is will the now dead bad guy's girlfriend be charged under the felony-murder rule.  She was found driving in the area at the time, but can they tie her to the crime?

DGC: 498

08 September 2014

It was a dark and stormy night...

No really it was.

Doppler RADAR was clear about 0030 but the noise of the rain on the roof woke me from a dead sleep around 0220.  To say it rained cats and dogs would be an understatement. Let's go with tigers and wolves for now.  The first band moved off by 0300 followed by another around 0630 and a third around 0830 as I headed to work.  Local news reports Phoenix Sky Harbor logged 3.69" rain and surrounding communities reported 5" give or take.

Streets were flooded.  Case in point, SandCastle Street:
Photo credit SandCastle Queen c2014
The SCQueen waded in about a foot of water to take this picture.

It helps to understand Arizona laws regarding water retention.  I've been told* Arizona state law requires a land owner to retain any and all water that falls on his property, on his property.  This helps recharge the ground water and simplifies city provided storm run-off management.  While communities that regularly receive a surplus of water they can easily divert storm surplus out to sea,  We live in  desert and every bit of water that falls upon us is precious should be saved for the future.

Now it's not terribly practical for each home owner residing on a sub-acre lot of suburbia to comply. Instead each section of suburbia has a low spot that the storm run-off drains to, also called retention basin.

Our community retention basin is 90 degrees to the right of the above picture and  750 ft down the street seen here:
Photo Credit SandCastle Queen c2014
The retention basin is about the furthest you can see in the shot above.  The four tall palm trees just right of the close in palm at the left edge is in the retention basin.

360 days a year the retention basin is conveniently disguised as an inviting grassy park.  Ours even has a sand covered tot play area and a sports court with basketball rims.  5 days a year it's a small pond after typical summer thunder-boomer.  Once or twice a century that "pond" overflows and the local drains backup into the street.

Like this:
Photo Credit SandCastle Queen c2014
The water retention basin is to the left, sports court close edge marked by the basketball hoop.  The rest of the retention basin heads off about 500' to the left.

The main street bends off to the right of the fire hydrant towards the previous pic.

Judging by the fire hydrant, the sidewalk is about a foot underwater.  The street another half foot below that.  The basket ball rim suggests the sports court is about 4 feet deep and there are deeper parts of the park than that.  Some residents near the park reported 4" water in their homes.

Compared to many other parts of the country, 4-6 inches of rain over a couple hours is a normal summer rain shower, or just the opening bids of a hurricane.  But places like that have storm run off systems to deal with that kind of run-off on a regular basis.

This was one for the record books in these parts!

* IANAL and I haven't bothered to research the relevant ARS.  But it makes sense to me.

01 September 2014

DGC + 1 2

This is the kind of headline I like to read:
"...Homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect"
 Two guys break in and hold two women and an 11 YO at gunpoint.  Guy sleeping in the back of the house wakes up and comes out shooting.

The comments are refreshing in that there wasn't much attempt to paint the intruders as choirboys.  

DGC: 494

And I just spotted another one At Albuquerque Journal via Breitbart:  Badguy robs a DQ, but isn't satisfied with the take and keeps pointing the gun demanding more.  GoodGuy comes around the corner and shoots the bad guy.

Fortunately the right people are alive and the aggressor is not.  Obvious question is whether corporate will have anything to say about it.  I hope the word is "Thank you" or "good shot", but all too often the word is "You're fired".  We'll keep an eye on this one.


Update:  The bad guy's name has been released.  The story includes this gem:
Sergeant Aaron Williamson said he has an extensive criminal history.

18 August 2014

DGC Catchup edition

First (#491) the Daily Caller points us to a tale of "You should have quit while you were ahead."
It was during the robber’s second trip that an employee who had brought his gun to work retrieved it from his backpack. The employee fired the weapon and killed the culprit.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/12/armed-robber-takes-money-leaves-comes-back-angry-gets-shot-by-employee/#ixzz3AoAJwnz9
Second (#492), a 14 YO pulled a gun on a 43 YO on his porch.  Fortunately the 43 YO was also armed and apparently a better shot.  The 43YO ended up in the hospital but the 14 YO  end up in the morgue.

The Ledger.com has more details.

Finally (#493) we have a local story of a carjacker who didn't quite get the clean getaway, only to crash a few blocks away.  He was taken to the hospital but didn't survive.

Details are sketchy as usual.  apparently the neighbors saw what was happening and came running.
The neighbor then fired several rounds at the stolen vehicle, striking the suspect.

What part of the word "requirement" do you not understand?

I find myself in a position I never thought I'd ever find myself.  I'm in the market for a "new" (to me) car.

In 30+ years driving, and buying/driving half a dozen cars or so, they've always been "pre-owned" AKA "used".  Some would qualify as "very used".  At least one qualified as a "historic vehicle" in my home state of Arizona.  I have never before purchased a new car, nor did I think I'd every be in a position to do so.  But here I am due to my own tight fiscal policies.

So while investigating used car prices, it seemed appropriate to check out new car prices.  To that end followed through the TrueCar website which in turn forwarded my contact info (uninvited) to several local dealers.

I explained to each of them "here are my requirements:  crew cab, manual transmission and air conditioning".

TWO reps came back asking "are you at all flexible on your transmission choice"  My first reaction was to berate them with "JUST WHAT PART OF THE WORD REQUIREMENT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND"?   But that wouldn't be helpful.  Instead  I replied with re-iterating my requirements: crew cab, manual transmission and air conditioning*.

I take their "are you flexible on this REQUIREMENT(my emphasis)" response to mean " I have several crew cabs models  with AC on our lot  that I need to move, but they all are automatic transmissions."

If I were to purchase a vehicle without any of these three REQUIREMENTS I would be PO'd and disgusted that I'd settled for less than what I wanted.  Even if you gave me the car, I'd be still disappointed every single trip.

A little help for  these dealers, from Websters, here's the definition of REQUIREMENT:

 noun \-ˈkwī(-ə)r-mənt\: something that is needed or that must be done

Sidebar....thirty-ish years ago a sailing rag called latitude 38 (wonderful folk and I'm a long time happy reader) ran a story about a Santa Cruz boat builder.  He made the point that rings true today.  (paraphrasing)
I promise a boat delivery on a certain date but if I have to cut corners to make the delivery, the owner will likely be PO'd every time he steps foot on the boat.  But if I take an extra week or two to make sure it's done right, he'll curse me for two weeks, then thank me every day thereafter,
I think that's sage advice and that's where I am... I have three requirements, you know what they are.

One dealer has come back saying "the factory never manufactured that combination", which I know is factually untrue.  So they are off the list, thank you for playing our game.  You may pick up the home version on your way out of the studio. LOOOOOSER!

Friendly tip, when I use the word "requirement" I mean "I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING LACKING THESE FEATURES".  Capitol letters implying shouting intended.

I have the advantage that time is on my side.  I do not have to purchase a vehicle by any particular date, So I can wait for the right deal.

* I should have probably added "no black paint" as a requirement, though I'm more flexible on color than on the power train.  Black paint absorbs all solar radiation while other colors do not.  Color is not a specific requirement,  but black is out. Who TF buys a black car  in the desert?  I need a lighter color like white or silver.

** BTW, you have a small sized pickup meeting these REQUIREMENTS :  2005-2010 crew cab PU with manual transmission & air conditioning,  Make is less important:  Nissan Frontier is what we are looking at.   I think I saw a Ford "explorer-ish" size wise but with a bed but I don't find a similar model on the website,  If you have something that might fill the bill, lets talk!,  Crew cab Air conditioned, manual transmission.  Black paint is a minus,  I'm open to offers in AZ and adjacent states,

12 August 2014

SCTP nationals 2014 edition

I meant to post these awhile ago...  But better late than never.  And there will be more!

Here are my two favorite shots from Sparta:

First we have the SCSon in the box while a younger shooter from the next squad visualizes the shot:
This is actually one of a sequence of two pics where he younger's hands tracks the action of the shooter!

The pic makes much more sense when taken into context of the pic taken a few seconds earlier where SCSon's squad mate 'M' (a lefty) coaches* a younger team mate on visualization:
The picture I was hoping to catch was the three from a high angle (Coach 'M', Shooter "SCSon" and pupil 'X' all inn the same shot.  I see it clearly in my memory, but failed to capture the bits.  *sigh*  It was about a 1 second window and I got 1.5 out of 3 :-(  These are the pixels collected.  I'm just glad to have set up in position to nab what I did.

* Squad mates can coach each other but coaches (and parents?) are forbidden from coaching during a competition.  In my case it's a "don't care" as the SCSon now knows more about hitting the birds and has more experience than I do.  He coaches me when we shoot :-|  Color me humbly proud!  (But Don't get cocky kid!)

Still I love that Arizona Flag, displayed loud and proud!

23 July 2014

Sad case, but justified

Hotel guest exhibits genuine antisocial behavior (vandalizing lights & banging on doors when another guest, thinking the coast is clear. opens his door and is charged by the bad guy.  Fortunately he's CCW and the bad guy ends up DRT.

This is a sad case because the "bad guy" likely has mental issues.  Still the good guy on the scene doesn't have the luxury to decide if the guy means "I want to kill someone" or not...

DGC: 490