27 June 2009

June ePostal Entry

I finally made it back out to the range to shoot this month's ePostal contest. This month Sebastian conjured up an imaginative one: Flying Aces. This was my best result.

There are 10 hits, unfortunately one is a duplicate which doesn't score and 3 are on my plane so all ace bonus points are forfeit. That leaves just 6 on the "target" planes (Since most of the "target" planes are silhouettes of domestic General Aviation planes, calling them the "enemy" causes a bit of grief. But I'm sure Sebastian didn't mean it that way, so no offense taken.)

Score: 6
Class I entry, Rimfire/Iron sights
Ruger .22/45
Distance: 11 Yards (Range minimum)


TrueBlueSam said...

Sebastian's rules say we can shoot more than once at a plane; I think you need to add a point.

danno said...

On part says we can but another part says we can't ...

"There are fifteen planes on the sheet, and you have 25 shots total for the match, so you can try to hit a plane more than once."

But the next paragraph says:

"Each enemy plane hit counts as a single point."

I'll point it out to Sebastian and let him be the judge