11 September 2009

"Hey, What's that?"

Quoting the SCSon during dinner. To the naked eye, it appeared a bright spot hanging apparently motionless in the early evening sky. After dinner I set up the telescope. As suspected it was a high altitude balloon.
I attempted to get a picture after everyone had a chance to look. Most were blurry due to the camera's auto focus "feature" and I couldn't find the manual focus at the time. Yes, this one is blurry too, but far clearer than the rest.

Update:The balloon was launched from Fort Sumner, NM and carried 11 student experiments. It was over 115,000ft as it crossed over the area. More details here and here.


TrueBlueSam said...


ExurbanKevin said...

Was that what was high up in the SW sky at about 8 Friday night? I saw something up there that was in the wrong spot for Venus and way too bright for Mars or Jupiter.

danno said...

That would depend on your observation point. The GPS track shows it was still northeast of the Phoenix Metro area at 8PM Friday. (But if you were in Payson or Winslow, yes it probably would appear in the SW sky).

GPS Track here: http://laspace.lsu.edu/hasp/xml/data_gps_v6.2.1.php