15 January 2010

Good day to hit the range

One of the local teams has some sort of big match Saturday. Apparently they had a big send off this AM featuring speeches from all sorts of self important people like the governor, even though she came across as though she'd never watched a single inning in her life.

Normally I wouldn't care one whit. As it says in my intro on the left "I'd rather be doing than watching". But it should be a good day to hit the range.

One of the downsides of an outdoor range is the wait for a cease fire to put out a target. That can mean up to a 20 minute delay from arrival to 1st shot on target. This time of year we have an influx of shooters and the range will be full with 20-40 minute waits for a bench most or all of the day. That can mean an hour delay between arrival to first shot. Shooting is fun, but waiting around is not. Pretty soon the pain of the wait begins to outweigh the fun of the shoot. Saturday looks like a good day to shoot.

I wish them well because if I understand the play off scheme, it's basically a single elimination deal. So if they win, the next match will be the reallly big one and yet another opportune day at the range.

Good luck guys. Your success benefits me too.

If you happen to be at Rio Saturday afternoon, I'll be the one with a Chrony! Stop by and say hello.

Update: It was a good day at the range. "Any open bench" said the RO as I signed in. Haven't heard those words in years.

Returning home I came across the game while surfing the channels. 14-35 Not looking good for the local boys. er scratch that - field goal straighter than my shooting 14-38. Continue surfing. coming back around to the game now 14-45 and it's only in the 3rd quarter. It's like watching a train wreck.

Oh well, it was a still a good day at the range.

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TrueBlueSam said...

My little shooting range out behind the barn doesn't have much class, but I can go out and shoot any time I want to. Everyone should have it so good. I can even shoot from inside the barn if it is raining. If Mr. C lets me host another e-Postal I will make the distance 33' to even things up for you!

I see that Merle has posted a shooting match on the Ruger Forum; I will give it a shot this weekend.