30 April 2010

May ePostal Contest

Twofer weekend. JimmyB's April contest extends through Midnight Sunday. So this weekend only you can shoot both contests at one range visit. two-fer weekend is over...

This month we are "Throwin' Darts".

The target is courtesy of Targetz.Com: 20041 or 20042 (Do not download the image to the right as it probably won't print correctly, instead go to Targetz and download the .pdf there).

I suspect most are familiar with dartboard scoring. But for the sake of completeness and avoid arguments over the value of the bullseye, the score is the value of the slice hit. The outer ring is the double ring, and the inner ring is triple ring. The center is the bullseye. Outer bull scores 25 and the inner bull is double (50).

Just to complicate things make things interesting, the "loop rule" is in effect. An actual dart board uses a wire mesh to divert the dart tip one side or the other so there are no "liners". These form many loops and only one hit per loop counts.. Any given number has four loops: an inner pieslice, a triple score, an outer slice and a double score. The second hit within a loop does not score, but a hit on the same number but within a different loop does score.

Our paper targets do not include any such mesh. Instead the shot scores the higher score. In the case of two "liners" such as depicted here, one scores high, one scores low. This would score 80 (20 + 60). With multiple liners on a given loop, this could get complicated. In general the scoring will be interpreted to give the shooter the highest possible score, but a loop only scores once. Once it's scored, a second liner takes the next highest score.

You have 9 shots per target. A perfect score would be:
Triple 20 = 60
Triple 19 = 57
Triple 18 = 54
Triple 17 = 51
Double bull = 50
Triple 16 = 48
Triple 15 = 45
Triple 14 = 42
Double 20 = 40
Total = 347 er, 447

Shooting details:9 shots, Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.
Rimfire Rifles: 25 yards (Print target 100% size)
Centerfire Rifle: 50 yards (Print target 100% size).
Pistols 7 yards or range minimum. For longer distances, target should be printed under/oversize to compensate for the additional distance as follows:

7 yards = 21 feet = 84% *
25 feet = 100%
10 yards = 30 feet = 120%
11 yards = 33 feet = 132% (this should just fit on an 11x17!)
These ratios preserve the same sight picture for the increased range.

Enter as many times as you like but only entry one per shooter per gun. More entries mean more chances to win Cheaper-Than-Dirt's $50 give away.

0: Airgun pistol (.177 CO2 or compressed air)
1: Rimfire pistol, iron sights
2: Rimfire pistol, optic sights
3: Centerfire pistol, iron sights
4: Centerfire pistol, optic sights
5: Rimfire rifle, iron sights (25 yards)
6: Rimfire rifle, optic sights (25 yards)
7: Centerfire rifle, iron sights (50 yds)
8: Centerfire rifle, optic sights (50 yards)
9: other? Shoot it and let me know.

Taking Credit:
Send Name, blog or website URL, a scan or photo of target, class, score, gun details (Make & Model, caliber, barrel length, sight system), range to sandcastlescrolls at msn dot com

PS MauserGirl in NY
... this is for you. I took your comment to JimmyB last month to imply you only have rifles. You ask and we respond! We have rifle classes this month! I EXPECT at least one entry from you! Show us what you can do with that Mauser! ;-)

* Range Correction calculation:
I started out calculating the ratio of the full target diameter to the distance (both in inches). Turns out the target diameter doesn't matter, a simple ratio of the distances is sufficient.

Correction percentage = range (in feet) / 25 * 100


Anonymous said...


When you refer to "optic" sights, does that mean non-magnifying only?

Thanks for hosting.

Merle Morrison
Newport News, VA

danno said...

Optic refers to both magnifying "scopes" and non-magnifying "red-dots", and both are allowed.

Thanks for shootin!


Billll said...

This target was used a couple of years ago. It's one of the three toughest targets I've shot.

Helpful hint: Bring a spotter. Or good binoculars. Keep one target next to you so you can tell which slice you need to be aiming at. Slow and methodical will pay off.

TrueBlueSam said...

This will be fun, but I am worried about what it will do to my 'good' eye. At least I don't embarrass easily!

Ian Argent said...

6mm airsoft go in class 0 or 9?

Ian Argent said...

6 mm airsoft handgun in class 0 or 9?

danno said...

Lets go with 9 for now. If I get more than a couple I'll move them to a separate class.