30 May 2010

That's not quite the image...

I have in mind when I think "e-Postal"

The SCSon had a school project to write an autobiography. Under the heading "For Fun:" he wrote
Well my family goes to E-Postal shooting matches.
and then included this picture That's an M2 .50 cal Browning Machine Gun"Ma Deuce" on the deck of the USS Missouri now parked in Pearl Harbor. It's not the pic I would have chosen but then again, it's not my book. And if you can't go "over the top" when you're 10, when can you?

While this month's e-Postal contest does not include a category for full auto, I'll be happy to accept the entry either in class 7 (Centerfire rifle, iron sights) if you are comfortable shooting "Standing unsupported, one or two hands" or in class 9 (other) if you insist on using the tripod mount.

Consider this your friendly reminder LAST CALL!!! All entries must be in by Midnight Tuesday.

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