11 August 2010

I voted today*

Arizona's primary election is August 24th and I'm proud to say I voted today for John McCain . . . . . . . . . . . To RETIRE!

John, "my Friend", It's time to fade away. Those words you use evoke a dry heave every time they escape your lips. The word "friend" has special meaning to me. I don't have many friends, but those I call "friend" are people for which I'll go to the ends of the earth to aid in their darkest hour. And they will do the same for me. It apparently means something completely different to you. Your only interest in me is the vote I get to cast. You want it but you wouldn't even begrudge so much as a wave as you are driven down the street. And your past performance has proven you will vote against my interest at every turn. No dice. We are not friends and I will not vote for you. ever!

It's time for you to go. You are right. Character matters... and I find yours seriously lacking. 28 years at the public trough actively thwarting the will of your constituents is too long. Just go away. Alfa Mike Foxtrot.

* I'm on the permanent early voting list 'cuz I hate standing in lines, particularly when our polling places are staffed with escapees from the old folks home. What should be a simple process (look up voter's name in the rolls and have them sign their name) becomes a kindergarten alphabet exercise. Oh, they love to talk about old Indiana in the 1930's but resolving whether "G" falls before or after "M" in the alphabet is real work. Instead my ballot shows up in the mailbox about a month in advance of election day. I fill it out at my leisure here at SandCastle HQ, sign the envelope and drop it back into the mail. easy peasy. The ballot waits on me, not the other way 'round.

They even include an "I voted early" sticker to wear.

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