11 January 2011

Cats and Dogs, living in peace

If you asked me last week to name an issue that would have the whole of state government speak with one voice and unanimously pass  the legislation and the governor would sign, I could not have come up with an answer.

Tonight we have the answer "West Borough Baptist Church".

Specifically their plan to picket 9 year old Christina Green's funeral. 

When I read they were planning to protest, I thought "What pigs".  How could you possibly make a case that the killing of an innocent 9 year old is a good thing.

Arguably the most polarizing figure on the political Left is Kristen Sinema.  She's out in front of any issue and she's loudly leading the left.  On the right we have Randy Pearce who most recently made political enemies leading the SB1070 fight.

These two could not be anymore political opposites.  But they and many others  saw the need and sponsored the bill. 

When the state legislature stands united and says "we shouldn't have to pass this if you had a shred of human decency.  However you have proven you don't so we have to act."  That should be a clue that you  are not just on the fringe of society but completely off in a different dimension.

Tonight I am proud of my lawmakers.  Good on ya guys!

Update..  Now I'm concerned about the unintended consequences.  How will this law be twisted to criminalize objectionable but otherwise free speech.  I don't see it today but that's how the law of unintended consequences works.

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