05 November 2011


The NRA will turn 140 on November 17 and with it comes a special opportunity for Amateur radio operators.  Quoting from the YARC page:
The NRA's 140th anniversary is coming soon and with it comes a special opportunity for the many NRA amateur radio operators. 
The Yavapai Amateur  Radio Club (YARC) of Prescott, AZ, will operate a special event  station November 17, 2011, in celebration of the NRA’s 140th birthday.

The special event will operate from the Gunsite Academy’s 2,000-acre campus in Paulden, AZ, north of Prescott.  The special event call sign will be K7NRA. It will conduct operations on the following frequencies from 0800 MST to 1700 MST (1500 to 2400 UTC): 7.250, 14.050,14.250 and 21.335 MHz (+/-).

Mark the date on your calendar, tune up your antennae and heat up the finals! I just upgraded my priviledges and acquired a new radio that I'm itching to use.  The radio only puts out 5W but Paulden is just a hundred miles and one mountain range as the wave flies.
Unfortunately for me that weekdaily inconvenience known as the DayJob(tm) expects my presence exactly those hours.  But maybe I can work something around the edges.

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