19 March 2012

Talk about a tragic failure...

... of the victim selection process.  More here.

Here's the scenario... ChoirBoy enters a home not his own 3am-ish, wakes the residents with a gun to the head.  Presumably giving the "don't move or you're dead" message delivered with considerably more vulgarity & volume.

Unfortunately the intended victim is a UFC fighter and is immediately waaaay inside said choir boy's OODA loop.  He's likely practiced the scenario a hundred times before.  Choir boy quickly finds himself disarmed and in a headlock waiting for police to arrive.

Nicely done.  From a societal prospective, I'd rather the good guy had removed the ChoirBoy from the gene pool and would thus be ineligible to repeat this crime.  However taking any life places the taker in a very uncomfortable legal place.  He seems to have used very measured force against a superiorly armed foe and came out on top.  Good on ya, Well done.

Apparently ChoirBoy entered through an unlocked door.   While I don't have the resident's chops, I can at least verify 1st line security.  I check every door I walk by and constantly encourage the SCCrew to lock every door they enter.

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