12 July 2012

I hate exercise! (updated)

Instead of "Taking the SCSon to" fencing, I am now "Joining the SCSon at". As previously mentioned, there is a really nice facility in the vicinity.  As I just turned 50 and live and work a pretty sedentary lifestyle*.  Now I really need something to get the heart rate up to stave off the diseases of the second half century of life.

I fenced a bit in college back in the good ole' days of Reagan's first term.  It was great exercise while the mind was focused elsewhere. Makes you walk funny for a couple weeks then the body compensates.   A friend invited me to a "boot camp" class a while back.   It was all about getting the heart rate up for an hour a couple times a week and also provided some accountability.  It got me past the immediate goal, but I didn't stick with it. 

Taking into account my OFWG status, I had to adjust a bit on the conditioning end. I did what I could on the games but I lagged behind the teenies.  No surprise at this stage of life.  Life will be better if I can stick with this.  (IMHO the other path leads to a heart attack this before the roar'in 2020s!)   I do not relish that thought.  I am so motivated!

One thing I liked was the "running" section (and I *hate* running), which was not just "jogging".  Instead they mixed it up with inside and outside crossovers, skipping, high knees and high heels.  Crossovers help with coordination.  High knees and High heels work on flexibility.

Tonight the "over 50 N00B" league was pretty sparse.  And it took a while to find a coat and lame(electrical) jacket I could zip up.  They eventually found something I could squeeze into,  Imagine Cinderella's sisters trying to squeeze into a size 8.  or a 6. I may have to purchase my own garments just to make sure there is something into which I can fit.

An up and comer early 20-something was volunteered to spar with me.  He scored a bunch of touches and I think I scored a couple back.  There was a stop thrust that seriously bent my saber.  NFW he got me first.  IMHO he won the bout in no uncertain terms.  The bout ended prior to regulations with sweat dripping into my eyes (note to self - need a sweat band).  I was ready for a break and he was called for a match on another lane.  I saluted, shook his hand and thanked him for the match.

Sidebar- The hand shake is normally a left handed shake. That's because the hood comes off and is placed under the right arm, still sporting the weapon and glove, In the case of a left handed fencer, it becomes an even more odd, left to right upside down hand shake, But the hand shake is important an acknowledgment that this fight isn't personal. It's just a sport. When it becomes personal, it's time to walk away. But as long as you can shake your opponent's hand and thank them for the bout, life is good.

So the SCSon and I wired up for a bout.  I teased... "Here's your chance for revenge I taunted! "COME AT ME BRO"!(apparently the phrase of rage at the schools round these parts)" Think I've been unfair? here's your chance for payback! But also know, if you leave any opening, I WILL EXPLOIT!

I spanked him roundly as he left himself wide open. He needs to learn defense and attack skills. Only way to improve is via challenge. I scored many and he didn't. In reality I spanked him with my aged experience. Hopefully in the future he should overtake me with youthful sensitivities and quicker reaction times. Oh for the old days where they didn't use masks... could have easily left him with a nice scar or two on the cheeks to remind him.

I paid *US* up for the next month. Now we both have accountability to show up tomorrow when they focus on conditioning.

My goal (written here to make it official) is 3x a week. MWTh is the plan.

* that's a big reason I went to college - so I don't have to rake leaves in the 110+ heat.

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Old NFO said...

LOL, but you'll go SHOOTING in 110 heat! :-) Glad to hear you can still handle the fencing, and it WILL help you get back in condition!