30 March 2013

March ePostal entry

Good Friday is a dayjob(tm) holiday.  There are a lot of holidays we don't take but this one is kinda neat in that only a few take it.  That means everything is open (including the USPS).

The SCSon  and I took advantage by hitting the range.  We started on the sporting clays course in preparation for his Commissioner's Cup appearance (Separate post to follow).

He shoots half price clays due to his youth status.  But that means we have to be off the course and back to the office by 3 to return the card.

Then we hit the main range to shoot the March ePostal "The Mess' Revisited".  I did surprisingly well with the .22/45:
Most of our best targets scored in the 10 to 15 range.  But I scored this one at  85 (Subject to the contest manager's review).  That's the thing about "The Mess".  The distance from really good and really bad is tiny!  To wit, while this target scored 85, my 9mm target scored zero.   The penalties neatly offset the gains.  Target submitted anyway.

BTW, these targets were shot a 11 yards due to range minimum distance requirements.

These ePostal matches traditionally run along calendar boundries, but I'm a fan of two-fers where the incoming and outgoing matches are open on the weekend closest to the end of the month.  These allow a shooter to enter both matches at a single range outing.

TrueBlueSam has taken over ascended to management of these ePostal matches. I'm not sure who is on deck for April but keep an eye in the upper left of this blog.  Update 31March2013:  The Conservative UAW guy has brought back a classic: The Fly.  Also keep an eye on TrueBlueSam for updates.

BTW, check back here for the May ePostal match, hosted by the SCSon and myself.  Our match will be an 'homage to gaming FPS style crafted by the SCSon.

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