01 June 2015

May ePostal

The SCSon and I hit the range with the May ePostal as a primary objective.  Hope you did as well.  The SCSon will be out of pocket for the next few days so get your targets in by Friday AM so he can post by the weekend.

I shot 5 targets but haven't reviewed them to check scores. I might have shot more but .22 ammo is a rare commodity these days!

Update 6/1
I reviewed my targets tonight and here are my best two (different guns):
Ruger Single Six:  a lucky hit on the ME-262 was cancelled out by an unlucky shot on the #2 engine of the center B-17.  That left the shot on a Bf-109 for 10 points:

And here's my best with the .22/45:  one shot took the spinner off a Bf-109, but an errant shot took the rudder off the lowest B-17 for a final score of -40.

I really need to appeal this to the match master.  After all we all know the B-17 took a lot of damage and still made it home, particularly including several examples of returning sans rudder ;-) ;-) ;-)
Photo Credit to Dave's WarBirds.

Photo Credit Dave's WarBirds

Don't let a negative score keep you from sending your targets!  My best score on one gun was -40.  The worst was -180!  (4 B-17s + 2 109's)!


Old NFO said...

Yep, B-17s and a few others came back with some massive damage! :-)

Merle Morrison said...

I managed to avoid all the B-17's, but the P-51's weren't so lucky!


PS: have you been kind to the match director lately? That may well determine his answer!

danno said...

For the record, There will be no appeal of the B-17 penalty(-ies) to the match master. I do not seek, nor will I accept any adjustment to the published scoring criteria.

The Match Master sets the rules and they are inviolate. Kinda like the the rules on having kids "you brung 'em, you shall feed 'em!"

Our 8x11" format doesn't have the resolution to judge "survivable hit" vs fatal hit. We all play by the same rules.

The rudder shot tickled my funny bone recalling many a -17 returned home with significant rudder damage. Thanks to Dave's WarBirds for providing convenient pictures and Boeing for the tough birds! How many crew owe their lives/legacies to Boeing designers?

Merle Morrison said...

I really didn't expect there would be any "adjustments; I took it to be a joke & ran with the ball. I didn't intend to offend.

My neighbor was one who came home because the B-17's were so tough.


danno said...

No worries Merle.. No offense taken.. I too wanted to make it clear the appeal comment was indeed a joke.

BTW... the "...recalling many a -17 returned home.." makes it sounds like I was there. I was not. That should have been more like "... I recall reading stories and seeing pictures..."