21 August 2015

auto-motif meme..

It's not a meme when they do it. it's a meme when others (meslf incuded) copy (i prefer the term  "leverage" their idea!) and they become meme originators.   I salute thee!

So leveraged....I've been away at conference this week and parked next to this today:

Apologies for the pic quality.   I bought the phone because it's "a phone! dummy"/  Camera and other functions are 2ndary.  

I think it's an 80's vintage Chrystler LeBaronIt's a Buick! with a long horn hood ornament,   I didn't check the state of license (AZ or TX???)   Still this was a bit out of the ordinary, even for these parts.

So memed!

Update 8/28: as Wilson notes, it's a Buick.  Even when I was in to reading car mags, Land Yachts were never my thing (too hard to park!).  I was (and still am) a sports car guy.   Thanks Wilson for the correction!


CapitalistPig said...

I saw that car in the parking lot of your employer today. It was parked far away from any other vehicles, as though the owner fears a door ding.

Wilson said...

Great photo! The owner definitely wants to stand out from the crowd. By the way it appears to be a 1991-96 Buick Roadmaster – the last of the big Buicks!


Old NFO said...

That's a small set of horns too... :-)