31 May 2017

A huge milestone

Congratulations to the SandCastle Son on his High School graduation!  (pics will have to wait on technology)

His local HS rented out ASU's arena for the event.  Vehicle traffic getting into the event was horrific.    With nearly 900 students walking plus probably ~5 well wishers each means around 5000 attendees.  We finally found 4 seats together way up in the nosebleeds.

And we believe this is the moment we all waited for.  Sorry for the blurry pics, it's the best an 8x optical zoom can do, combined with less than rock solid base and atmospheric distortion given our distance from the stage.  I really should have brought the spotting scope!.

Pedestrian traffic exiting the venue was equally ugly.  But we skipped taking pictures on the South Lawn and made for the truck to beat traffic.  And it wasn't bad.

We had reservations at a local restaurant with three surviving grandparents + special guest Gmma, Local Aunt and mom & dad,  SCSon noted an acquaintance walking through and shook hands..  turns out it was his JROTC opposite at another school.  I really wish I'd gotten a picture.

Selection criteria for the restaurant was "easy access" and "wide menu selection".  Scored on both accounts.  Three of us chose the Fish & Chips, Mom had the Cubano, one GPA had the Filet while the other had the lamb.  Special Guest Gma opted for the french dip.  She didn't even leave any juice behind!  While a little loud, and the service was a bit on the slow side dinner was a success.  The SCSon picked out an apple pie and ice cream for dessert at home.

Congratulations to the SCSon!  You earned it.  But the real test starts in August!  I hope you're smart enough to ask for help when you need it,


Merle Morrison said...

Congrats to him - and to his support team, which includes Mom & Dad..... :)


danno said...

Thanks Merle! I'll pass that along. BTW, I've updated the post with a couple pics.