29 December 2018

Nicely Done!

The SCQueen and I went out to dinner at a local Mexican fast food type restaurant (we had a gift card).    Over in the corner were about 8 kids doing what 5-7 year olds do, exercising their lungs.  Dad yelled out "Gunner, knock it off!" as the SCQueen was filling her soda.

She turned around and asked "Excuse me, what did you call him?"  "Gunner".  "What a cool name" She gushed!

After dinner she stopped by their table again where they introduced their other kids Dillon and Barrett.  (Subtle - I like it!)  Mom noted all three names have double letters.

I think the SCQueen was a bit sad that we hadn't thought of it first :-(  That would have really set off my anti-gun relatives (If they figured it out :-).

Nicely Done.


Merle Morrison said...

well, you could either have another kid - or go to court and rename the existing one... :)

danno said...

The SCSon came in thanking us profusely for staying traditional and not picking any of those names ;-)