18 March 2010

Beautiful Spring Day off Range report

Spring has broken here in the Desert. Today was bright and blue with temps in the mid 70's. We could not ask for a nicer day. Spring only lasts for about two weeks here in the desert so these days are pure gold (Au).

The SCSon is on spring break. We were scheduled to head out to visit the SCGrandpa in another state. However the SCFIL had a stent inserted and the SCQueen is concerned about his recovery. [side note, both SCGrandpa and SCFIL are in less than optimal health and could use all they prayers and good thoughts]. Anyway, we delayed the planned trip. By then the day was already half gone. I could have worked half a day but instead decided it would be a crime to stay inside on a day like this. "Put your shoes on, we are going to the range!" I called out to the SCSon*.

There were a couple ePostal targets in the range bag and I wanted to better my earlier attempt. The SCSon landed 3 shots [out of ten] on target, two of which scored 20's. We really need to work on his stance and trigger pull.

Still his pair of 20's beats my 35 (20+10+5) with the same gun... and also logged a 50 in the centerfire iron sights class.

We tried twice more with much better scores (each 200+ **), but were sidetracked by a near emergency and left them out on the range :-(. But that's a story for another blogpost.

I'd include a link to the match but since Cheaper Than Dirt has thrown in a $50 certificate to a randomly selected entrant, your entry will diminish my chances. So go find it your self!

* He objected, preferring to play computer games. However given the alternative of staying home to mow the lawn, he relented!
** my fish tale for today.

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