26 March 2010

Shopping Spree

No, no gunnie stuff. Just a story of customer service as it should be.

A long time ago, in this galaxy, one of the SCSibling units gave me a gift certificate to a Orchard Hardware Supply, a California based chain of hardware stores. The stores are bigger than ACE but smaller than Home Depot or Lowes.

Another SCSibling unit worked there and mentioned they were very customer service oriented. If you wanted to buy one nail, they would just sell you one nail. But if you needed a complete MIG welder kit, they could handle that too.

Anyway, the closest store is some 300 miles away and the certificate had a 1998 expiration date. So while I've hung on to the gift cert, I also haven't been near a store in years. On the trips up to see the 'rents, I'd either forget it or wouldn't have time to get to the local store.

Today we had both the time and the certificate and went on a spree:
* Chainsaw file guide (Thank's TBS)
* #2 Phillips screw bits
* Hacksaw blades
* Toilet fill valve kit
* 3/4" rubber grommets
* Lawn mower air filter
* Earplugs
* Utility knife
* Weeder tool

With tax the total came to $40.82. We handed over the certificate and cash. The cashier examined the certificate then looked on her register for some clue as to how to redeem it. Not seeing an obvious answer she asked the next cashier. Seeing how old it is, she said it predated their current gift card system and we would have to send it in to HQ and get it re-issued. We explained that we are from out of state and that is why it hasn't been redeemed in that time.

They called the manager... who apparently asked how much was the certificate for and how much were we spending. The manager OK'd the purchase.

That was it... No polite reminders of the gift certificate law in this state (They can't expire). No veiled threats. Just a couple minutes delay to get the manager's nod. The seem to have a good understanding of the economics of the situation. They've had use of the cash for a decade and a half and are now handing over goods that were much cheaper now than then. And customers talk to other customers and relate the experience for better or worse. That's how customer service should be.

I'd shop there again.

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TrueBlueSam said...

You will really enjoy filing your own saw and always working with a sharp chain. Good Luck! I see on Stranded In Iowa that concealed carry has now passed both the house and senate. Mom has already been shopping on-line for a carry pistol. I hope that classes are available for her soon so she can qualify.