02 March 2011

People of the Gun

People of the Gun is back and now hosted by ammo.net!

I liked this project from the get go.  To me it was a collection of people that believe in safe gun usage.  A politician at the time was trying at the time to paint gun owners as bad guys of all sorts: gang-bangers, mobsters, etc.  This shows we are your next door neighbor, your meter reader, plumber, coworker, dentist, airline pilot, etc.  In other words, we are the Good guys.

One item jumped out at me back in the early days of the project.  Jeff sent out the call for pictures without any rules or guidelines on what the pictures should show.  The only guidelines were on image size in terms of pixels.  New pics rolled in for weeks and months with one common theme:  Safe gun handling.  Muzzles were pointed in a safe direction and fingers were off the triggers, except for the obvious live action shots.  And those were typically taken from behind the firing line.  This is a testament to the mindset of responsible gun owners - we are safety minded and we do it right.

If you believe in and practice the constitutional and natural right to self defense, please submit your photo to ammo.net's POTG sign up page  I loved tuning in every day and seeing another couple rows of photos added to the page.  Join us!

You can see our picture in the 6th row from the top, right most column.  The SCSon launching clay pigeons and me doing my best to ensure they do not land safely!

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Sam Jacobs said...

Thanks for the post! We're excited to be the new home of POTG for precisely the reasons you've expressed--to support those who believe in the fundamental right of gun ownership and safe gun usage. We welcome anyone who wants to join the tribe!