15 March 2011

Road Trip!!!

The SandCastle Mom (not to be confused with the SandCastle Queen) loved to travel.  To that end my parents bought a couple time share weeks here and their.  They rarely stayed at their timeshares but rather traded them for weeks at other locations.  Now with mom gone, dad has no appetite to travel. So we scheduled the SCSon's spring break week out in La La land.

Part of the reason for picking this resort is that it's close enough for fly ourselves.  Plan A was to fly out, land at a nearby airport and rent a car for the week.  Unfortunately the plane is down with a leaking fuel fitting.  Plan B was to just rent a car in Phoenix and drive.  However between spring training and spring break, the rental cars were sold out.  We looked at several other options including Southwest, AmTrak and Greyhound.   Surprisingly, of the three Greyhound was most expensive (over $300 per person).  Whatever happened to "Go Grehound and leave the driving tu us".  If those were plans C, D & E, plan F was to rent a car from Tucson.  It'll adds a hundred miles each way to the trip, but it also cut $100 off the weekly rate in Phoenix.

Driving I-10 to LA Sux!  It's a 7 hour trip, most of which is spent trying to avoid those trying to kill you. SCS-1 makes the trip in under 2 hours without the high speed close quarter stress.  We also made our first > $4/gallon fillup.  Monday we drove the length of the LA Basin to visit the Reagan Library, Griffith Observatory & La Brea Tar Pits (look for future posts on these topics).

LA freeway traffic just about put the SCQueen into a catatonic state.  It's sometimes 70 mph bumper-to-bumper, and sometimes stop and go.  The transitions from "go" to "stop" tend to be particularly abrupt tending toward scary.  I could not make this drive on a daily basis but I'll make a one time exception to the visit the library of the greatest president of my lifetime. 
We visit the Queen Mary Wednesday.

I'll add more on our visits as I get time to go though the pictures.

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