19 January 2013

Gun Appreciation Day

Today is Gun Appreciation Day. The biggest gun show in the area is in town today but we're not going.  Long lines are not my idea of fun.

There is a 2A rally downtown but we're not going there either.  We probably would go but we have prior plans to celebrate with friends by hunting clay pigeons!  So look for us on the shotgun range!

See Ya!

Update:  What a phenom day!  Weather was as good as it gets - bright sunshine with temps in the low 70s with low humidity.  Just warm enough to not require a jacket.  It just doesn't get any better than this.

We met up with our good friends from Great Satan Inc. and our newest bestest friends met just last week at the club dinner.  We were glad to see them again.
The SCSon has his write up with a pic. (I had my camera set to video and filled the card before taking any stills :-(

I will have more later.. [stand by]


Old NFO said...

Enjoy, I went out and supported a local gun shop... :-)

Competitive Advantage said...

I hope you enjoyed the event. I bet there's so many gun lovers who attended and join the fun on that day. I'll try to experience that next year.