16 January 2013

Yet another "bank" to avoid

I've been a long time customer of Buds Gun Shop*.  They advertise "cash prices" which are 3% lower than "retail" and the posted price typically includes ground shipping to my friendly local FFL.  There are lots of ways to get the cash price, one of which was to apply for instant credit through GE Capital.

I tried to buy another tonight and the GE Capital option was conspicuously missing.  I emailed a question:
What happened to the GE Capital payment option?
They answered:
We are currently not offering GE financing as a payment option per GE's request to stop doing financing for us at this time.
I will contact GE Capital and get their side but right now it seems they are have no stomach to support the business of lawful business owners have any contact with icky tools.  Which of course means I want none of theirs and I will cancel my account.  It pains me because I'm also a share holder but I will divest as well.  Then again, maybe I'll reinvest the proceeds in precious metals** ;-)

Stay tuned for updates with GEC's response!

Update:  GECapital denied it.  "Erica" said Buds is an approved creditor.

24Jan UpdateBuds confirms it.  I cancelled my GE Capital account.

* warning - site may be hazardous to your wallet.
** brass and lead come to mind along with precision machined blued steel, stainless steel, aluminium. And likely some NRA life memberships too!

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Will said...

Somewhere there is a deal on NRA Life memberships for $300. I'm on the wrong computer to find my notes on it.