14 October 2015

D Party "Debate"

I more "listened" than "watched" "the debate".  "Tried to listen" would even more accurate.  The ambient noise level was pretty high so I missed a lot.

But when I was home and back on the computer with the "debate" on in the background.

Every time Bernie opened his mouth:
 This was the image in my head courtesy of Saturday morning cartoons:
No I am not comparing the openly socialist senator from Vermont to an Aardvark. This is the image in my head hearing the voice. Blame Saturday morning sugar coated crunch bomb commercials>cartoons.   Just sayin'.

Am I wrong?

Are these cartoons still on the air?  If so, he's toast!  No one in their right mind could cast a serious vote for that voice! (even if he used Goldwater or Reagan's words)

* "debate" is in quotes because this wasn't really about defending ideas... it was more of a scripted photo-op with live press releases.

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