25 October 2015

Don't try this at home!

Just don't: Short version: 13-YO injures himself with a homemade shotgun.

A better headline might be "13-YO get's a first hand lesson in Newton's third law".

 There is simply no need in this state for a 13-YO to make his own shotgun when there are so many proper youth opportunities available.

 Right there in his home city of Buckeye there is an SCTP program. $75/yr covers everything the student needs: coaches, shotgun, shells & birds. Everything an aspiring shooter needs!

 The SCTP program will explain and enforce the safety rules. Embrace and abide the rules and you will have a safe & fun time. Reject the rules and expect to be quickly ejected from the program, for everyone's safety, including your own.


jon spencer said...

Our club lets those under 18 shoot clays for free, if a adult is shooting a paying round. So for a member and a youth to shoot it is a total of $6.00 a round of sporting clays for both to shoot. Or $8.00 for non-members.
For rimfire rifle on Tuesdays the club supplies the rifle, ammo, targets and instruction for free to anyone under 18.

It's nice living in a sparsely populated area.

danno said...

My club offers <18YOs half price clays. if your club offers free clays for youth, I hope you can see the screaming deal at your feet!

Then again the clays cost are roughly 25% of the cost of shooting. Generally a box of shells (25) is $6, and clays are $0.10 each. So an even round of 100 birds is $24 in shells + $10 in birds = $34.

Taking out the youth share means $24+5 = $29. A savings yes but nothing to write home about.


Old NFO said...

Kids can learn for cheap or free at most clubs. This was just stupid... sigh

Merle Morrison said...

Now thats a pretty serious zip gun!