22 July 2009


A couple of events came together last week which spurred an impromptu couple days away from the SandCastle. First was a re-invite from the SC'rents to join them for their timeshare week at Lake Tahoe. A sibling unit & spouse were supposed to go but their trip was pre-empted by the dayjob(tm). Second was a local weather forecast that started the week with 115F and nothing lower than 110F for the entire week. Last was a lull at work before next week's storm.

With that we took the opportunity to escape the desert heat for the cool mountain air.

Locals were grousing* about the daily high temps in the mid 80's. Needless to say they didn't get much sympathy from us as we were enjoying the 25-30 cooler temps than at the SandCastle. It felt great to us and the night time lows bordered on requiring long pants.

Lake Tahoe Sunset (as always, click on image to enlargify)
Sierra reflections on Topaz Lake

More Pics & Panoramas to come!

* The sun is more intense at Lake Tahoe. The lake is about 6200' elevation which means there is about 15% less air and a whole lot less smog between you and the sun to absorb the UV rays.

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