08 July 2009

Fireworks Foto Flubs

The camera (Sony DSC-H9) has a "fireworks" setting. It does a nice job of capturing fireworks. It uses a ~3-4 second exposure to capture the image. That means getting the images is a somewhat a matter of luck in aiming, timing, etc.
In this case, I accidentally bumped the camera during the exposure. Still it's an interesting effect, where the Red explosion is completely bumped, the rising shell on the left documents the dampening of the bump.

This is the Grand Finale. The volume of fireworks and proximity completely washes out the shot. Lesson: this setting is works well for most fireworks, but the grand finale really requires the video setting.

These shots require a tripod to hold the camera still during the multi second exposure and a remote shutter release to avoid bumping the camera during exposure. I was having trouble with the remote trigger* and instead used the release on the camera. This shows the unfortunate result.

* I suspect the problem with the remote release is that it works via Infra Red and the sensor is on the front of the camera. But the camera display which you have to monitor because it takes 8-10 seconds per shot is on the back of the camera.

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