15 July 2009

STS-127 launch

I never get tired of watching our rockets launch for orbit. Today was the 6th attempt to launch and this time was the charm. Several attempts last month were aborted on count of hydrogen leaks. The last 3 attempts were scrubbed for weather (thunderstorms within 20miles), Today the storms held off for the launch window.

I had a meeting scheduled during the scheduled launch time, but instead did what any self respecting nerd would - Took my laptop into the meeting, fired up WiFi and got video feed from NASA TV and watched the launch from my corner of the room.


TrueBlueSam said...

Their toilet is screwed up today. Boy am I glad I'm not up there. Everybody always looks at me when the plumbing needs work.

danno said...

Yea but...

If they said "Hey TBS, the toilet's plugged, can you go up and have a look", can you honestly say you would NOT answer with a hearty "Yes, Sir... Put me in coach!"?

I know I would for the chance to ride into space!