08 May 2013

shots fired...

... too close to home.

This is the scene within a quarter mile of the Sand Castle on a road I drive every day:

The SandCastle Son came down stairs asking "Did you hear that?"

"hear what?"

"pop pop pop pop pop"
"pop pop"
"pop pop pop pop pop"
"pop pop pop pop pop"

The SCSon thought it sounded like a .22.  But given the distance and all the obstacles in between it could have been anything.

Currently we have helicopters over head.  Film at 11!

Update 2150:  [3rd hand rumor]  Neighbor talked to the officers manning the road block.  They told her someone shot a police officer at the Hospital.  This is the scene where other officers caught up with him.  He's dead.

Update 2228:  Apparently the Jody Arias verdict was more important than the shooting around the corner.  The helicopters departed at 2202.   No Film at 11.

Update 09May 1020:  News stories starting to come out but few details:
KPHO channel 5

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CapitalistPig said...

Much too close to home! An officer responded to a Man With a Gun call, exchanged fire with the suspect, but went home tonight. The goblin is getting treatment for his wounds.