11 March 2015

Attention Arizona Neighbors

Fair Warning!

The SandCastle Son passed the written test for his learner's permit this AM.  My Arizona neighbors are advised to stay well clear of the sidewalks.

Given the cars available to drive here at the 'Castle, I have two predictions:
a)  he's going to get a fast lesson in learning to drive a manual transmission.  And
b)  A new clutch in my (near) future.

Dang it seems only yesterday he was learning to walk.  Time flies!


Minstrel said...

Congrats to SCS son.

Now, you REALLY feel old when all three of your grandchildren are driving and it's just a matter of a few years until great grandson #1 passes his learners test. (Sigh!)

Merle Morrison said...

Next comes sitting up late waiting for him to get home.....