09 March 2015


Hope you all had a good weekend.  I did, capped off with an 0035 cursing email to OldNFO.

Let me back up...  The SCSon had Skeet practice Saturday.  I brought "The Grey Man -Payback-" to read as it's kind of 2 hours of downtime for me.  The coach is generally good about letting parents participate but they had a lot of kids and they are the priority.  I didn't even bring a shotty...  Between a run to gas up the car and a snack run, I got to page 21.

I picked it up again Sunday after a few chores.   Here's a few things I remember:

Oh look at that, page 118, hmm  already 1/3 the way through.

Page 186, dang halfway...

I set it down to watch TV after page 194.  less than a minute later, "wait a minute... what was the title of that next chapter" and picked it up again:  P195: "The Shot"  The science of long range shooting holds a deep interest for me.  I wish I knew more about the practical side and experience with same.  Note to self, add to bucket list.  Ok, I gotta see how this goes...  And kept reading...

P322:  Wow... well,  it's not yet midnight, may as well see how it ends..

And the 0035 email..  So effectively, I read -Payback- in a single sitting.  I haven't done that since the last 500 pages of "Sum of All Fears" [Clancy].

Nicely done, JC.  Put me down for a signed copy of book 3.  I know you're good for it and you know I am too.  Keep it up!

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