20 March 2015

Sun in my eyes...

The Sun was setting as the SCSon and I headed to the local electronics euphorium to acquire a new router/modem.  We headed West on an freeway section aligned East-West.  I asked the SCSon if he understood why the Sun was right in our face this late afternoon making driving especially challenging.  It was within a day of the Vernal Equinox.

That led to a discussion of sun angles and what is the meaning of Equinox & Solstice.   My good friends at Cap'n Bob & Damsel (though we haven't actually met) have a great image that illustrates this well.   Good times and one day this will help him on a test!  (or a crossword puzzle, which ever comes first).

Just another day in being a Dad.


Old NFO said...

Or maybe it will help him with lane selection at a shooting event... :-) One never knows!

CapnBob said...

Thanks for the link!