09 August 2008

August ePostal entry

Headed out to the range today with the goal of shooting this months contest, hosted by Caleb at nrahab.

While the course of fire calls for rimfire targets at 10 yards, minimum range distance is 11 yards which immediately puts me at a slight disadvantage and is only a small factor compared to my (lack of) ability. But hey, it's only bragging rights on the line. Besides I like going to the range with a "mission", a reason to shoot.

The course of fire is for 5 shots on target 1 followed by 5 on target 2. Reload and repeat. So there should be 10 shots per target, 20 shots total. (See Ahab for official rules)

Shooting in our local fun steel match, I've learned "Fast doesn't matter if you miss", so it pays to make sure the sights are lined up before pulling the trigger on the next shot. This still results in 10 shots in under 10 seconds (the fast guys will average at least 2, to nearly 3 shots per second including reloads. I'm not that fast.

This was shot with a Ruger .22/45 and iron sights which puts me in class 1.

Pulling the targets off the frame, I scored 4 hits on the first target and 8 on the second. By far the best set of five tries for the day. But sitting here at home, I noticed target 1 is missing a hole. 4 hits and 5 misses. That's only 9 when there should be 10. First reaction is to assume the 10 shot is not even on the paper. But then I noticed the hole at 9 O'Clock appears larger than the others. Woo Hoo! The 10th shot is a hit!

So I score the targets 5 on target 1 and 8 on target 2. Thirteen hits, 5 points per hit, 65 points total out of 100 possible. Not spectacular, nothing even to write home about but it was the best of the day. (Note this total is subject to verification/veto of the contest master. His ruling shall be final. If he disagrees I will not protest in the slightest degree).

If you haven't shot the contest, it's still early. Ahab is accepting entries through Aug 30th.

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