21 August 2008

SR-1 targets for sale

Do you want to try Sebastian's Summer Rifle Match but are having a tough time finding the targets? Yea Midway offers targets but only in 100 target lots. And those targets are heavy so that adds to the shipping cost. Now Midway is showing the targets as backordered.

Here's a deal for you. I bought the 100 targets from Midway, but it'll take a long time to use them. Instead I'll make smaller sets available at cost: 8 targets, wrapped by a 9th as a mailing tube, mailed by the cheapest method I can find. I looked at cardboard mailing tubes but that added a couple dollars to the cost. The targets are on heavy paper and should make a fine mailing tube. If you are careful on unwrapping, you should have 9 usable targets.

That's two tries worth of targets for the high power match, plus a practice target mailed to you for $5.50.

Here's how I got there:
9 Targets at $0.35 each = $3.15
USPS shipping = $2.23 (cheapest available - 5 days delivery)
Tape/Mailing labels = $0.12
Total $5.50

This deal is not to make a profit. I want to make it easy for people to get targets to shoot the match.

I have 100 targets. I'm going to keep a few for my own use. That leaves 9 sets available. First come, first served. For questions and ordering details, email me at sandcastlescrolls AT msn dot com.


(disclaimer - Offer null and void if the USPS won't let me ship them this way. They said "yes" this morning but the answer could change).

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