10 August 2008

Sunday afternoon quality time

One quart Marine Varnish: $22 (on sale)
Boat trailer: $270 (Also on sale)
Trailer registration: $100 (one time fee)
Tempe Town Lake permit: $30
An afternoon with the 9YO away from video games: Priceless!

The winds were about perfect - 10 kts, which is enough to give the boat a good push, and the lake is small enough that the waves don't have much time to pile up.

The boat hasn't been in the water for several years so I took a couple tacks across the lake as a shakedown before picking up the 9YO. Good thing... The wind started picking up and I started hiking out, when the outhaul popped free of the cleat letting the sail fly free and dumping me backwards into the lake. Dagnamit! I know these lines should have stopper knots at the end. Well glad that happened before the 9YO climbed aboard.

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