20 July 2015

A good start?

or an odd case of hoarding, or making his mark for the title in the "he who dies with the best toys..." contest.  I hope and trust these were all acquired and owned legally.  But this being CA, I'm never entirely sure my No.2 pencil is entirely legal at any given time.

The ~1200 guns & 2 tons of ammo tops the SandCastle armory by a long ways!  I admire the spirit.

Still... The SandCastle armory (which doesn't hold a candle to this "collection") has more than one weapon that has been never fired [by me] (Whether that is because of recency of acquisition or some other reason is left as an exercise to the reader).  Either way, I respect that too.  I hope you have some heirs and/or a clear will specifying the disposition of the collection.  It'd be a shame to let the state a) profit from your demise, or b) the bigger shame of letting the state reduce them to scrap.


Merle Morrison said...

Since it is CA, I'm sure they'll find some excuse to destroy them. :(


DocRambo said...

You know, I'm not that big a hoarder, but I'll bet my ammo for my rifles (6) and pistols (7) weight close to a ton; 40 50 cal ammo cans that weigh 30+ # each, plus several cases of shotgun shells, .223, 9 mm, and pretty soon you're talking a weighty supply of fodder for the range. Friend of mine who collects machine guns has quite a supply of belted rounds, and I'll bet he has way over four tons of ammo. Anyone with 1200 firearms is bound to have a significant supply, so it isn't so surprising to see that poundage.

DocRambo said...

Forget it.