10 July 2015

Trump Tix

The SandCastle Crew has tickets to the Donald event tomorrow.

The Donald is visiting the valley tomorrow.  The SandCastle Queen mentioned as she headed out to walk the dog "If tickets were still available, I'D GO!".  I asked "Hmmm.. are you sure the event is sold out?"  "That's what I heard on the news." she answered.

Well I don't have a lot of faith in the news based on past events where I had first hand knowledge to compare against their reporting.  I can best sum it up as "if they report the sky is blue, I'm going outside to look for myself."

And that skepticism paid off tonight.  An internet search for "Donald Trump Phoenix" led me to an eventbrite site and now we have tickets (procured 8pm-ish AZ std time*).  I forwarded same to the SCQueen but didn't mention a thing when she & the dog returned home.  You probably heard the scream of delight when she checked her computer!  (I love pranking the SCQueen like this). "HOW DID YOU DO THIS????" (it was actually quite simple)

ABC15 just reported (10pm newscast) the event is sold out and tickets are going on craigslist for anywhere from $25-500.  I remain skeptical..  Then again, maybe The Donald's team as anticipated and the first nnnn people get into the main room and the rest are diverted to overflow.  We do not have reserved seats.

I haven't decided if I'm actually going, but my ticket will not be for sale.  the event is scheduled from 2-4pm.  Add in travel time and it pretty much burns a valuable weekend afternoon.  Those are rare enough so the time alone carries a high value.  If someone already known to this blog or me to theirs, I'll easily cede the ducat gratis.

I kinda bet this is going with the airline model "sell more seats than we actually have and if people get bumped, ces't la vie."  That's not an indictment of them, just a reasonable expectation.

* AZ Standard time is the most stable time base ever.  GMT-7 always.  We never change!

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