25 July 2015


As is $Diety$ THAT HURTS!  and THROBS.

I got tagged by a scorpion tonight.  Scorpions are a fact of life in this neck of the woods.  The like to nest on the bark of palm trees.  Then the wind blows and dislodges them.

Tonight I went downstairs to talk to the SCSon and immediately felt a pain in my foot.  A couple throbs later and I was pretty sure what had happened.  Searching the floor I spotted the culprit.... And ran him over with a certain shotgun roller.  Several times!  He may have won the battle but I won the war!  He is dead and I am not,

I had immediate visions of a similar scene in the same spot several years ago when the SCSon got tagged,  Never having been stung before all I could offer the SCSon is "I know it hurts.  But you are not going to die".

We met some very nice people at Emergency Care.  A while later the PA comes in to assess as a very benign case but is willing to dispense pain killers... I think he mentioned Viocodin and Codine.   Eh, to me these are drugs you take to dim the pain of compound fractures and amputations.  Right now ice is controlling the pain so we'll stick with that.    I am no longer has me jumping out of the chair so..  While we've filled the Rx, it's the 3AM contingency plan.

If anyone wants to steal the Rx, the pills will be ground up and mixed in with next week's used kitty litter.  Enjoy!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

We keep snake bite kits handy for red wasp stings and spider bites. I think they would be good for scorpion stings, too, but I'm not signing up to test that idea.

Merle Morrison said...

OUCH !!! You have my sympathy, for what it's worth. My brother-in-law lived in Barstow, CA and was in the annual migration path - had to be REAL careful then - ere totally out of the question.barefoot or flip flops was


danno said...

Thanks both TBS & Merle.. Yeah... Not an experience I'd wish on anyone. Sorry the SCSon had to endure it first. I now feel his pain and it's no less than I'd imagined.

I mostly slept OK last night sans pain meds. Not sure if a "snake bite" kit would help as the volume of venom would seem to be minuscule. This critter was in the 1"-1.25" class. Just how much venom might such a creature inject?

I woke this AM with continued tingles in the tagged toe, but mostly no other affects. Tingles continued until late PM. now nothing.

Thanks all for the support.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The suction cup will pull a little drop of venom out from a wasp sting, and it makes a difference. A brown recluse bite will bleed profusely with suction, and we have had very good results with no necrosis. These kits are no good for snake bites, though. The venom is too deep in your hide to pull out any meaningful amount with suction. I guess you need John Wayne if a rattler gets you.

Old NFO said...

Glad you're okay!