16 July 2015

missed it again

Dang!  I missed it again.  By one day :-(

Sand Castle Scrolls turned 7 Yesterday.  First post was July 15 2008.  Lots of Yellow flags (slow times) since then but no Checkered flag yet.

Blogging is somewhere about #12 on my priority list.  I derive no monetary value from it so it merely serves as an outlet when I start yelling at the TV.

But then I hear blogging is dead, and I'm certainly not contributing my share.  'd like to think I only speak up when I have something to contribute to the conversation.  IOW, I'm not here to be "meetoo".

Blogging has connected us with some wonderful peeps we'ed never connected with otherwise.  I'd name names but I'll inevitably leave someone out.  Hint - If we've met F2F and your listed on the blog roll, I mean you!    I wouldn't trade it for the world!

It's been a great ride and wonderful to connect with you all!  And if you are listed but we haven't met F2F, I mean you too.  Just consider me a fanboy and I hope we can meetup pronto.



David aka True Blue Sam said...

Glad you are still here! Congrats on the anniversary.

David said...

Thanks for blogging when you have something to say rather than saying something because you're a blogger.

Minstrel said...

Congrats, Danno . . .

Merle Morrison said...

Glad you stuck it out - we need all the friendly faces we can get!