01 July 2011

Epic suckage....

I cut out early form the DayJob(tm) to meet up at PRGC with the cool kids from GreatSatanInc for a round of fun steel.  We'd blown off the last couple weeks due to the 110+F temps.  But today's forecast called for "only" 107.

Normally we meet at 5:30 (nominally) 5:45-ish.  But today we both have evening engagements so we met at 3:30 and were the first ones on the course.

Stage one was deceptively difficult: 5 round targets at staggered distances, hit each twice all from box A (two runs).  Turns out the first three are easy but #4 & #5 (diagonally across the bay) were surprisingly difficult.

Stage two was very similar: 3 normal sized circles and 2 miniatures set further back.  Two hits on each from box A, then again from box B (one either side of the bay).  I did my best on the normal circles and made token attempts at the minis. 

I do not remember how many penalties I rang up but I'm fairly certain it's more than the sum of every other stage ever shot in my life.  I'd guess 7+/-2.  I also realized I'd burnt up more than half of the 150 rounds I'd brought for the match.  Comparing notes while reloading for stage 3 the entire squad told the same story. 

Stage three consisted of a plate rack + 2 poppers, x3.   I don't know if any of us actually finished the stage.  I aborted with a couple plates left on the last rack. 

Part of my issues were a couple magazines that wouldn't reliably feed.  Note to self, get these to the range and identify & replace the offending magazines.  Single shot is a slow way to shoot. 

By then none of us had enough rounds left to make a credible attempt on stage 4 so we turned in our cards and retreated to the AC of our cars.

This was my worst performance ever...  Still two hours shooting [and largely missing] beats two hours working!


CapitalistPig said...

I also had a few plates left on Stage three. 50 rounds wasn't enough for a 24 round stage.

It is good to know how great the impact of different conditions is on your marksmanship. Yesterday proved the need for 30 round mags.

T'was better than a good day at work, but very humbling!

MzVRWC said...

I left two plates on stage 3, and lost count on my penalties on stage 2.

Thanks to the rest of y'all for providing cover for my miserable performance.