18 July 2011

Hi Point Carbine/Video test

TBS posted Bea's Hi-Point carbine.  Long time readers may remember I picked one up a while back to shoot in a local club's pistol-caliber carbine match.  Rumor has it they will offer up another at GBR IV.  Good on 'em and thanks for the support.

So I finally got out to the match last month.  It's a hoot to shoot and cheap both to acquire and shoot.   Here's the stage 3 setup...
And here's the big picture

Here's what it looked like from the perspective of the gun.  (Disregard the date & time in the lower right.  It's wrong)  PS... This stage was shot with a pair of ProMag 15 round magazines instead of the factory 10 rounders.

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TrueBlueSam said...

Thanks for the neat demonstration!