14 July 2011

Monster Hunter International

I meant to write this review several months back after reading "MHI: Vendetta" (the 2nd book).  My bad, but not beyond redemption.  The 3rd book "Alpha" will be out in a couple weeks so get your pre-orders in now.

So here's the deal.... Your humble host bought the first book ("MHI") on a "signed by the author" deal and highly recommended by other gunbloggers.  I like having books signed by the author.  (I have several!)

I was expecting the typical "start from the bottom and work up though the hierarchy of baddies to the big dog.  But no.  Larry launches into battles between the heros and the undead at the top of what I knew of the undead food chain, and heads uphill from there!

The 1st book opens with a couple lines to appeal to most any oxygen consuming  reader:
On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream.  I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth story window.

Even though I don't feel that way about the current boss, I suspect we've all felt that urge toward a boss at some time in our life.  I know I have.

MHI is a very entertaining read.  The 600-700+ pages fly by.   About 75-80% through the book I'm at the point where I think "Ok, he's written the hero into a corner.  How will he get out of this?"  (And he does)  As fellow fan "AerialApplicatorDoug"* observed "Larry really knows how to spin a tale".   Amen.

Ditto for MHI: Vendetta.  Where I bought the first book on the recommendation of others and shared it with the SandCastleSon, the SCSon spent his own hard earned money on MHI: Vendetta.  (Thanks Larry for autographing it in Scottsdale, AZ).   We will acquire MHI: Alpha as soon as released.

And Larry, we *EXPECT* to see you here in the desert to sign it soon!

* I considered referring to Doug as AADoug but that might leave in incorrect impression...   of both of us...

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