25 July 2011

Monster Hunter Alpha

The SandCastle Son and I did something I rarely do: Made a trip to the mall.  All it takes is a little proper motivation.  In this case today is opening day for Monster Hunter Alpha.  Actually we didn't go into the mall, just to Barnes & Noble which is at the mall which means dealing with mall parking and that's a big reason I don't go to the mall!

Helpful hint to my good friends at B&N:  It's easier to buy a book when it's out on the floor and people can see it!

We looked around for the book without success and waited a while at the information desk while the one clerk explained the basics of the Nook to a couple qtips.  Eventually a second clerk arrived looked it up for us.  She led us to the SciFi section where books #1 & 2 were on the shelf.  Then she went "into the backroom"... and came back with... a Halo book.  She enlisted the help of "She who is in charge of special features".  Apparently the feature won't start for a couple days yet.  But at least she came back with a copy of the book.

The SCSon is reading it now I and I should get my turn in about a day and a half when he's finished.

Hey Larry - When are you coming to town to sign it?

Oh and clerk #1 was still explaining the basics to the qtips when we left.


Jon said...

Thanks for the reminder, I need to pick up a copy on my way home from work!

danno said...

Jon -

Glad to be of service. Also welcome to the "Neighborly Reads" blogroll

BTW, for anyone else, I maintain a (mostly) reciprocal blogroll. If you link to me, lemme know and as long as I'm not offended, I'll link back!