28 July 2011

Gunnie TV

main stream gun shows are taking over the airwaves.  Sons of Guns has started, Top Shot season 3 is about to kick off and there are more shows in the wings.

Sons of Guns has been running new shows for a couple weeks.  Looks like they've extended it to a 1 hour format with 2-3 projects per episode.  I'm going to skip right over the custom machine gun build and get right to the best part of the episode: a race between Jerry "full auto finger" Miculek" firing a semi auto AK-47 and a full auto AK-47.  Hmmm seem the race really is really a race of reaction times.  JM probably can't pull the trigger faster than an AK-47 but his reactions could be fast enough to make up the deficit.

Since Discovery has not put up the best 2 minutes of the episode, I'm going to spill the beans.  It was close but full auto won.

But the numbers are interesting:  From the low ready *Beep* to 10 trigger pulls, Jerry did it in 1.52 seconds with a 0.31 second reaction time.  Chris ran the full auto dry in 1.40S.  I really wish they mentioned Chris' reaction time.  Bet it was slower than JM's but the gun made up the deficit.  Here's a link to a bad version of the clip (recorded off the TV).  But for now it's the only one I can find.

Top Shot season 3 will start Tuesday Aug 9th 10/9C.  BTW, the season 3 preview shows one character holding an RPG.  I wonder if that's a hint of what is to come this season (heh heh heh, what kind of match could you come up with using RPG's?  In CALIFORNIA where the show is filmed?).  The email also suggests they might put up some more swag to give away as contest prizes.  I have some ideas there but need to get some buy in from them before announcing.  Stay tuned.  If I can score some swag to pass along, I will.
Full disclosure always... the History channel sent an email suggested they might send some swag my way.  I've posted about the show in the past and likely will continue to post about it in the future trinkets or no.   (But it's nice to be appreciated)  Also the few trinkets won't stop me from posting my opinion.  For example I was really disappointed in how Season 2 ended.  It seemed very scripted by at least two of the three finalists.   See also The Undefeated.  But I'll be watching again this season.

Finally David Codrea hosted Kristi from MetalFlowerMedia which produces "unscripted TV shows" (AKA reality TV).  They are looking for families for a new show:
This is a very special series for a major tv network* featuring families across the country who celebrate fundamental values of family first, pride in your country, and protecting what matters most. These families value our second amendment rights and are the backbone of our great country.
 You can apply here.

David's radio show is on 7-8AM AzST (Arizona Standard Time - the most stable time base ever - we never change!)   Currently this is the same as PDT.   You can listen via the internet here (click on listen live).  The last week show archives are here.  Updates have been spotty but they are getting better.

* until today they major TV network was mentioned right their on the website.  oops!

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