18 December 2011

December Range report

I haven't been to the range in at least a month and it's been even longer for the SCSon.  Last year he shot with the club's junior division, but this year he has a conflict with trombone lessons. 

Today was not the best of days to hit the range.  It was cold and raining.  Cold enough to show one's breath and the bitter cold wind penetrated my jacket.  That's probably an NBD for readers in the more northern climes, but it's kind of a rarity here in  the Sonoran desert.  I really wished for more head cover than a baseball cap.  But it meant for lots of space on the range.  We grabbed a pair of adjacent benches so we could shoot rifles on one and pistols on the other.  That would allow us to head home in a single hot range session.

Still it was a good day at the range.  The SCSon wanted to shoot the M1 Carbine.  I also packed along an AR-15.  He was excited to learn I'd also packed along a 9MM. I also brought the .44 Mag.  It still kicks like a mule but the best shots were when the SCSon loaded just 2 shots and handed it over to me.  Not knowing if each trigger pull would bring a bang or a click helped with the flinch problem.  Should do that more often.  Even if it left burnt powder residue on my left thumb.

The hill behind the range was obscured by a cloud and a light rain fell as we left the range.  It was a good day.  And the hot chocolate back at the SandCastle warmed us up nicely.