09 October 2016

Which mic is hot?

DJT's mic is picking up all of his inhalations... HRC has two mics, The obvious hand mic + a white lapel mic blended in with her tunic.    Which of her's is active?  I do not see any corresponding lapel mic on DJT.  Amy I missing something?

Who controls the gain on DJT's mic?  Either could emphasize his breathing and de-emphasize hers...

Presidential Debate #2

I tuned in and out..  (Hey the Red Bull Air Races, Indy edition, were on)!  To bad local hero Kirby Chambliss isn't in the fight :-(

Caught one question  regarding SCOTUS noms.    Hil went first...  and droned on for her allotted 2 mins with out ever uttering the word "Constitution".  Rather she alluded to "Justice that sees the world as it is today..." (IOW, completely disregard the constitution!)  DJT at least mentioned the word though I thought it was a hanging curve needing to be drilled into deep left field!

(quote from memory.. but I was specifically tuned in to the word constitution and she didn't use it!)