20 September 2019

$dayJob team jersey day

$dayJob Activity club invited all employees to wear their favorite team jerseys this Friday.

Now if you've noticed the "about me", I'm not a big fan of "ball sports".  So the smartA in me selected this T:

It's kinda hard to read in the photo so let me summarize.  These are the equations that describe orbital mechanics:
    G x mx M/R = mx Vesc^2 or Vesc = SQRT[2x GM/R]
    V2 = Vp = r1 x v1 x sin phi1/Rp
    Ra^2 x v1^2 x sin phi1/Rp^s-vt^2 = 2 x GM x (1 /Rp-1/r1)
    e = SQRT(r1 x v1^2/GM-1)^2 x sin^2(phi1) + cos^2(phi1)
    tan(theta) = (r1 x V1^2) x sin (phi1) x cos(phi1) / ((r1 x v12^2/GM) x sin^2 (phi1)-1)
    Fd = Cd x p x (v^2/2) x A
    Nm = v/c
    c = SQRT(k x R x T)
    F = q x Ve + (Pe - Pa) x Ae
    p = m x v
    F = dp / dt

I really like the equations explaining "This *is* Rocket Science!"

And the back of the shirt explains the equations on the front:

The other shirt I really like is one the SCSon picked up.  It's the old NASA logo with the tag line "Not Flat, we checked".  Nicely done guys!

Yea, I'm a nerd, and proudly so!  Go team NASA!