29 May 2014

Another Day, another home invasion, another dead bad guy

*Yawn*  This time out of the Atlanta area.  Via AJC:
Two men banged on his door late Tuesday and forced their way into his home, with the first man screaming at him, the homeowner said.
After he shot the first man, the homeowner watched the second man run away and get into a waiting car...
Unfortunately the news story has pitiful little information to go on and leaves far more questions than answers.  I trust the police will ask the pertinent questions.

One question always is, how did they actually get into the house?  This story notes:
 forced their way into his home
What does that mean?  Did they kick the door in?  Perhaps a stronger door, or a security door is in order.  Did the resident open the door to talk and that's when they forced their way in?  Perhaps there is a lesson the Alpha Phi sorority can offer:
His first stop was an Alpha Phi sorority house.... {redacted assailant}* banged on the locked front door, but no one opened it.
And thank God no one did or the toll would have been much higher.  Well done Alpha Phi!

DGC: 484
Via rare.us

* Name redacted to deprive the desired "infamy".  Y'all know who he is but I won't use his name.

G&A Rates The States

Guns & Ammo assessed the states with regard to their gun friendliness.

Of course I was proud to see my chosen state of Arizona at the top of the list, though I think the editors might have been a mite too optimistic as Governor Brewer vetoed a couple of pro gun bills.  One would have allowed CCW holders to carry in more public buildings which are not protected by metal detectors.  As the recent events at Jacques in de la baux and The Pit have demonstrated, no guns allowed signs only keep out the law abiding; providing the criminal element a safe working environment.  Another would have fined municipalities that enacted codes more strict than state laws.

Here is a plot of the G&A scores versus the ranking. The blue line represents the raw G&A scores.
What surprised me (happily) was how many "good" gun states and how few "bad" gun states there are.  the line stays horizontal from the origin for most of the graph.  We have to go all the way to #32 to find a score below 40 (Maine scores 39).   Arbitrarily drawing the line at 80%, that marks 2/3rds as "good gun" states.

The orange line at the bottom is the delta from this state to the previous.  IOW, how far did this state drop from the previous score.  The first thirty seven states the delta is either 0 or -1.  State 38 (Iowa) marks the first change to a steep drop (-3).  The steepest drop doesn't occur until "state" 51 (Washington D.C.) with a -6 drop to a final score of 0 (zero).

28 May 2014

New home of the Dead Goblin Count

"1 dead, 1 wounded in gunfight"

Couple bad guys with a gun meet a good guy with a gun protecting his siblings.  It's not a perfect story as the good guy took some damage and one at least bad guy is still consuming oxygen.  But the siblings are safe and unhurt.

Looks like the police have some good leads so hopefully the accomplices will be brought to justice.

DGC: 483

Please send your future DGC nominations to sandcastle scrolls aat em ess en dotcom (correct obvious typos).  I look forward to upholding the high standards established by the previous trustees of the brand.

The SandCastle Crew sends warmest congratulations to Exurban Kevin of Misfires and Light Strikes.  He's scored the perfect intersection of professional skills, talents and interests.  We'll miss seeing you on the range.

Rumors that the signing bonus included a case of .22LR are probably unfounded.

19 May 2014

Wardrobe Malfunction

That should attract some clicks.  Sorry y'all, no skin here.

The SCSon and I hit the range to score some ePostal targets.  He wanted to shoot the Garand as well (Always a good choice).  Also, I scored a micro-pistol at a recent FoNRA dinner I needed to try - more on that later.

But...  While bending over to pick up brass... RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!

Given the triple digit temps, it was kinda refreshing.  Airy!  yes, that's the word!  Airy.

I pulled my T shirt down and covered the top half of the rip but it still showed more of my tidy-whiteys and leg than I was comfortable with.

The SCSon and I packed up and evac'd to the car.  I hung out there with a towel in my lap while the SCSon waited for the cease fire to collect our targets.  Glad the SCSon was there to help.   The towel in the car would have given me a "grass skirt" option had I needed it, but hiding out was a better course of action.