24 June 2019

Corrected plates

The Truck registration was due.  Normally I'd handle the renewal online.  But I wasn't happy with my plate choice.  See I'd made a mistake in ordering my Amateur Radio callsign plate as an ordinary custom  plate rather than as a specific amateur radio plate.  The difference is a bit of artwork on the plate and a change in where a portion of the $25 fee goes.  With the extra artwork, $17 of $25 goes to fund scholarships for amateur radio operators.

Of course, because bureaucracy, nothing is easy.  They first have to retire my existing callsign plate, issue me a standard and then request the new plate.  For some reason I don't understand they also had to "burn" (their word) the next standard plate.

So  for the next 4-6 weeks, I drive on a standard plate.  Then it goes up on the wall with the other expired plates (the free state of Arizona does not require expired plates to  be turned in - our collection includes plates from the late 50's courtesy of my SCS Grand Parents).

This all took a long time because it's not something they do every day.  but I had the day off so I didn't care.   "Take your time and let's get it right the first time.  I have all day."

Next stop is attempting to get a "real-ID".  Much of the documentation they want involves mail sent to the home address.  but for the last ~25 years I have made it a point to use a PO box for security reasons.  And the SCQueen set up all the utility accounts so they are in her name.  So I have little in my name tied to this address.  I  only have a marriage licence showing we are married.  I had a passport but that expired earlier this month :-(.

One down, one to go.  We'll see how it goes.

23 June 2019

"Divorce Corner"

Visited the SCDad (My dad that is) recently.  Driving through the heart of old town he told the story of "Divorce Corner".
 Naturally it's at the corner of Fair and Division streets.  And conveniently an attorney officed at the same corner.

File under: old stories, never heard.

15 June 2019

What a disappointment...

...  This is arguably one of the greatest motor racing weekends of the year - 24 hours of Le Mans.  And it's not covered on any TV service I can find.

Seems to me last year it was covered by Fox Sports on their myriad of channels,  perhaps ESPN as well.  But this year seems "Cornhole sports" out weighed endurance car racing...

Such a disappointment...