28 November 2018

I won the lottery!

I entered the CMP 1911 lottery back in September.

They received 8000 1911's from the DOD, but also received 19000+ orders during the 1 month open order period.  

CMP declared the process would be that every packet received would be assigned a random place in line.  With the additional admonishment "Don't call us, it'll only slow the process down".  And I have taken that to heart.

I was elated to receive an email with my number: 2606.  WhaHoo!  I feel like I've won the lottery.  They promise a call in a few weeks asking for grade & payment.

I can't wait..  But I will ;-)  This process started roughly a year ago.  I can wait a few more months..  And I will.  Go CMP!  TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! ;-)

OTOH, I didn't connect with a single number on the Power Ball.

I'll take my chances with CMP :-)

06 November 2018

NFW on political "dynasties"

I don't ever want to see another "Kennedy", "Romney", "Clinton", "Bush" or "McCain"

Please all of you.. just go away.   I don't want to see any of these names on my ballot.  I will never vote for you.  Just go away!  Nor do I want you as an appointed senator.   NFW!  Stay Home!  Get a real job and earn your keep.