20 February 2010

Jan/Feb ePostal range day

I hit the range today to shoot Merle's Jan/Feb ePostal match. Normally the range is pretty busy [meaning all benches full and a waiting list] this time of year. But it rained this AM and that seemed to keep the numbers down. Last time the range was this empty was during that football match a few weeks back.

Here is one of my worst... Stage 3, off hand only. One hit, two misses and two not even on the paper.

I don't worry too much about the scores mostly because the local range minimum distance is 11 yards, better than 50% further than spec'd in the course of fire. Doesn't matter... It's a good excuse to hit the range with a mission. I sent Merle a rimfire score of 16 and centerfire score of 11.

You can play too! Merle's match runs through the end of February. Then Mr. C's monthly ePostal starts up in March.

Finally, noticed something different as I was cleaning up to come home. A guy and a girl set up on the next bench, early to mid-20's, looks like it could be a date. They had one gun, might've been a centerfire Glock, but I didn't get a decent look. They prepped a target for the next cease fire and started loading magazines.

The interesting part is, the gun is hers and he is the noob! YOU GO GIRL! We need more like you! Great job.

14 February 2010

Valentines Day

The SCQueen said she wanted to go flying on Valentine's day. One of the most picturesque airports with an attached restaurant is Sedona. Here is a panorama as we approached from the SouthEast. Humphrey's Peak, the highest point in Arizona sticks up above the plateau (click on image to embiggen). The airport is the light line left of center and below the plateau rim.
There are worse ways to spend a February day in the desert ;-)

Three Stearmans arrived as we were putting the plane away.

PS... Happy Birthday Arizona! The 48th state turns 98 today.

06 February 2010

Do you think

I could get away with covering my garage doors like this by sleeping with the HOA president*? Off the top of my head I can't think of any CC&R that it might violate. Though the general rule is that any changes visible from the street need approval of the Architectural Committee (and I'm sleeping with that committee too.*;-)

Click here to see more options.

However at $600+ for the three slot option it's fun to think about but far beyond my "would be fun" budget. Single slot entries run about $230 (still beyond what I'd be willing to pay)

Also, I'm a stickler for details... This doesn't quite look like any aeroplane that has ever flown. There haven't been many four engine transports. B707 and DC8 used straight turbojets not turbofans as these nacelles suggest. The fuse is too short for a B747. It's waaaaay to small to be an A340. There are probably some Russian models but those would be copies of western planes. Sorry, only place this has flown was on the graphic artists screen. The center section looks like a 737 while outer sections appear to be 747.

I'm thinkin' my good blogfriend True Blue Sam should negotiate some antique steam tractor images for something to hang on the barn doors. Hmmm an Su-27 would look nice. I like the old/new, Soviet/USA contradiction (what would the neighbors think?).

They'll also do custom designs for about $350 (Euro 259).

H/T Jon @ exurban League

* The SCQueen is both HOA president and the Architectural committee.

02 February 2010

Darwin Entry Attempt

Or Alcohol, Gasoline and Gunpowder don't mix:

From AzRepublic

Just how much alcohol does it take to think "Man I think I'll strap this muffler full of gasoline and gun powder on my back and sled down the hill" is a good idea?